What are reading glasses

Reading glasses are special glasses designed to improve you experience when reading.  They magnify the type in news papers, restaurant menus, books etc.  People with problem reading up close often have a condition called presbyopia, which is the loss of ability to focus on objects close up

As people age, their vision changes.  If you have problems reading close up you should consider reading glasses.  The most important aspect of your decision is your specific condition and what you need to use reading glasses for.  Always consult a vision professional in any decision of selecting a corrective eyewear.

Reading glasses typically come in a range of strengths.  Plus-One diopter (+1), is the lowest strength, and increased to plus 3.5 diopters (+3.5) on the high end. The reading glasses' power generally increases in increments of .25 diopters.  Reading glasses are inexpensive and convenient, allowing farsighted people (presbyopic) to have more than one pair.  We recommend having a pair for the home and office.  Many people have backup pairs if they loose them. They easiest way to tell what strength you need to to you our vision guide. (click there to see our guide)

Which kind is right for me

When selecting a pair of reading glasses, consider what you will be using them for. We have glasses for different kinds or reading. Frequent users of computers have different needs than casual pleasure readers.

Reading glasses also come as sun glasses and even have polarized properties.

Reading Glasses is reading glasses retailer who carries top quality and latest style frames.  Whether you are looking for fashion glasses or simple folding reading glasses, we have it.  Our reading glasses fit easily in the pocket, it is small, handy and in very attractive case.  These designer glasses come in many colors and styles including rhinestone, solid, stripe, and animal patterns. They are more than magnifying glasses, they make you look good not to mention the durability. We even have sun readers, reading glasses that double as sun glasses - perfect for reading a book at the beach or pool.  These non prescription glasses come in many different strengths to suite your vision needs.  Although we sell at a discounted price, these are  the best quality and not cheap glasses. Our discount reading glasses are made of the highest quality materials and incorporate precision optics, designed by highly reputed maker of reading glasses.

We are the only supplier of reading glasses in Los Angeles area with the best price and quality. If you can get any cheaper than our price for the same quality and design, we will definitely match the price. We stand by our words and value our products. 

Our collection includes wide range of reading glasses in all styles and colors with any shape and size. Please feel free to contact us if you do not find it here. We will definitely be able to find the best one to meet your need. If you have any questions about our reading glasses, eyewear, presbyopics, or solutions for improving your reading, please contact us. We also offer bulk purchase, please call us at 1-877-340-6627 or email to to ask us about our discount for bulk purchases.

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