What are polarized lenses?

Polarized sunglasses reduce the reflected glare from objects improving overall vision. Early users of polarized sunglasses were water sport enthusiasts such as skier, fishermen and boaters to reduce the glare coming from the surface of the water. By using these glasses, they can better see into the water.   Over time other active people have addopted this amazing technology.  Cyclests, runners, skiers, snowboarders, golfers now commelly use polarized glassed to reduce the distraciton of glare.  Our lenses are created to meet the needs of diverse environments from ocean beaches to mountain slopes. Today almost everyone can benefit from polarized sunglasses. One of the most poplar uses is in the car to reduce the glair coming from other car windows, hoods and trunks.

These glasses also help post-cataract surgery patients and other light-sensitive people and should be worn by those exposed to frequent bight bright sunlight.

How Do Polarized Lenses Work?

Snow, water, windows and other surfaces generally create horizontally polarized light. Polarized sunglasses have a special coating that block this light allowing people to see clearer by removing the annoying and possibly dangerous glare. The process is usually a combination of light attenuation and polarization.

There are some drawbacks of polarized lenses. Certain devices have liquid crystal displays (LCD) that uses light that is blocked by polarized sunglasses. Some cellphones screens, computer monitors, automatic teller and car dashboards become invisible from certain angles while wearing come polarized sunglasses. If you find this is a problem for you, simply remove your glasses or try a different brand.

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